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    RoopAmrit is a pure ayurvedic formula for fair & beautiful skin. It combines the ancient secrets for fair and pimple free skin and manufacturers’ expertise to unlock the secret of gl...

    RoopAmrit is a pure ayurvedic formula for fair & beautiful skin. It combines the ancient secrets for fair and pimple free skin and manufacturers’ expertise to unlock the secret of glowing/radiant fairness and beauty.

    One of the common skin problems is acne. Young adults are susceptible to this skin condition of acne skin problems because they have active sebaceous glands. Some middle aged persons get acne from several possible sources like medication, improper skin care habits, and allergic reactions.

    When dead skin cells and oil clog the pores, blemishes appear. If the swollen blemishes are few and angry, you have a mild form of acne. Severe acne is the condition when almost all of the face is occupied by the blemishes. These can spread to the neck and chest, and even the back. This condition is acne vulgaris.

    RoopAmrit contains herbs and roots that prove to be like nectar in making your complexion glowing. Jaiphal and Sarso detoxify your skin and almost get rid of your acne and pimples. Almonds and walnuts help in clearing the dead cells of your skin and rejuvenate it, hence helps in reducing wrinkles. Mulethi and Aloe Vera help in reducing dark circles under your eyes.

    The herbs and roots present in Roopamrit provide important minerals and vitamins to your skin due to which acne and pimples, ugly patches, dark circles, wrinkles and dark complexion just vanish. Roopamrit gives you a young, tender and a glowing skin, fair colour and beautiful face. Skin color is determined by the amount and type of melanin. Roopamrit block sun rays , prevent secretion of Melanin & makes you fair. It also acts as a permanent solution for blackheads, sunburn, pigmentation under eye dark circles, pimples & wrinkles. With regular daily use, you will be able to unveil your skin’s natural fairness and beauty in just four weeks.It helps you to look better than before and also it covers your black marks and form a new attractive layer. Moreover, its consistent use removes the dark circles under your eye fading away week after week, replaced with refreshed supple, glowing delicate skin.

    It is effective for both men & women . It can be applied on all skin types. As it is made up of pure herbs , it has no side effect.

    How to use: In a china bowl take a spoon of tomato juice and mix it with a spoon of Roopamrit. Apply it on your face and leave it to dry for 1/2 hr then wash it with water. While using Roopamrit you should not use any chemical products or cosmetics. Before going outside apply sun-screen during day time.

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