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Slimming & Weight Loss

Ayurslim Capsules

Two capsules twice a day, after meals.For optimal results, AyurSlim should be taken in conjunction w..

Tk.1,290 Ex Tax: Tk.1,290


Our Dr. Tea Indiaâ„¢ is an Ayurvedic Herbal Tea which help to cleanse the body of harmful fats and dis..

Tk.1,290 Ex Tax: Tk.1,290

Easy Slim Tea

Why use only Easy Slim Tea? 1)Act Like a natural magnet to attract fat. 2)Stimulates the body's natu..

Tk.1,090 Ex Tax: Tk.1,090

Fat Cutter

 Product Description FAT CUTTER +Clinically proven and naturally derived, Fat Cutter Plus ..

Tk.4,490 Ex Tax: Tk.4,490

Hot Shapers

The Hot Shaper are pants for exercise and everyday use in your daily activities.Designed with Neotex..

Tk.3,000 Ex Tax: Tk.3,000

Meta Slim

What is MetaSlim? MetaSlim is a proven weight loss treatment which uses the most essential of natura..

Tk.3,990 Ex Tax: Tk.3,990

Mingrui Slimming Belt

Mingrui Slimming Belt is 10 mode vibration system massage belt.HILIGHT : *Smart chip control panel i..

Tk.4,990 Ex Tax: Tk.4,990

Slim 24 Pro

WHY? Slim 24 Pro falls under Food/ Dietary/ Meal/ Nutritional Supplement Category. It is primarily a..

Tk.3,990 Ex Tax: Tk.3,990

Sliming Herbs Tea

Germany Slimming Herb is good for overweighted persons who do not want to control food consumption a..

Tk.1,490 Ex Tax: Tk.1,490

Vibro Shape Sliming Belt

Multifunction massage belt. LED digital display controller vivid and clear. The unique heating funct..

Tk.4,490 Ex Tax: Tk.4,490

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